Month: August 2014

A Probinsiyana’s UPCAT Story

This year, approximately 85,000 to 88,000 hopefuls took the University of the Philippines College Admission Test. Though an alumna, I still find the numbers overwhelming. That is to take into consideration that  a couple and then some years ago, I took the same exam without the… Continue Reading “A Probinsiyana’s UPCAT Story”

Experience the Ultimate Jamaican Vibe at Ysagada Downtown Bistro

Your Sagada experience will not be complete if you don’t dedicate some hours getting lost in the Jamaican vibe that the locals are particularly fond of. The legendary Marley’s reggae influence has found home in this rustic tourist town. The new place in town… Continue Reading “Experience the Ultimate Jamaican Vibe at Ysagada Downtown Bistro”

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